Have you noticed the smoke and mirrors? It’s only deceased DJs and past-their-sell-by-date celebrities who have indulged in paedo parties? Just look at all these debauched has-beens. Keep looking – while the media quietly slips any references to politicians or blue-bloods out of the headlines.

Hold on there though. There are still so many references to widescale and organised paedophile rings. The claims are that politicians were amongst the abusers. Are the police actively investigating, I wonder?

Don’t worry – the media is already on the trail of Doncaster social services and the appallingly poor record they have earned themselves. This would of course be the perfect moment for Michael Gove to pop up and demand that more children be put into care. Not so quickly! While some children undoubtedly require protection from violent or totally inadequate parenting we need to remember that the state already has more than enough powers in respect of children. Secret courts, D notices, sectioning whistleblowers etc.

These proposals can’t be swept along in a tide of public anger. More transparency and safeguards are ugently needed. Put them in care? That will require even more care homes and fostering and it seems that the state isn’t actually the best parent anyway. How do we know who we are dealing with?

We are programmed to fear the next Ted Bundy, or “lone nut” stalking our
neighborhood, but we would do better to scrutinize more closely those to whom we pay our taxes and falsely look up to as protectors — they are stalking the planet … and they are doing it in packs. These are “people” who have no problem lying their country into war, bombing the innocent on a routine basis, and tanking economies on purpose. It is a matter of policy to starve entire populations into submission without a second thought. And apparently those are the least of their crimes.

However, before we can council our children, as adults we need to grow up ourselves. It is not a type of awakening that should produce fear and paranoia, but rather an admission that we are much better, and more capable of directing the course of our lives and communities than those who have been officially charged with the task. We also must admit to
ourselves that the strangers to whom we have acquiesced our power are being revealed as stranger than we ever could have imagined.

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