Yes, there has indeed been a lack of local items on the blog of late. They have taken a back seat to reports of paedophilia amongst politicians (no, I didn’t the mention the “M” word –  I’m referring to politicians in general ) and mainstream reports of Common Purpose’s opaque involvement in UK government affairs. Both of thses items are undoubtedly Isle of Man government related in the sense that we import a large number of civil servants and generally do as requested by Big Brother next door. In other words we are not immune to any matters affecting the UK. Far from it.

Do we have Common Purpose graduates in our government? The question has been asked before. Are we importing ideas from Common Purpose graduates? Following the mainstream attention (a number of nationals picked up on this issue) to this organisation and its influence on UK affairs it is crucial to maintaining any form of democracy that we have an answer to these questions. After all the media reports describe a less than transparent organisation  which sells its courses to the UK government to the tune of thousands of pounds per graduate. Our cash-strapped government would never do things like that though. The government is always careful with our money – as evidenced by the film industry involvement and our getting such a good deal with Atos.

No idea to what extent we are involved, did you say? That’s another reason for the dearth of local news stories. Much of what could be discussed is either subjudice or confidential. It is simply farcical to tell us that we have a democracy when we elect members who seem to be ruled by advisors. Our attempts to gain a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes are then frequently scuppered owing to secrecy clauses and little will to reveal details, or so it seems.

Freedom of Information? We’ll believe that when we see it. In the meantime it might be worth attempting to receive a response to the Common Purpose question. There again, we frequently hear references to lack of evidence, inferring that the matter is imagined. However, this should not be confused with evidence of lack.


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