Quick, look over there at those non-white child abusers! Gangs work together. Claims have been made that non-whites see other races as being of lower standing and therefore target white girls. However, these claims are followed by the news that there is no real evidence to substantiate the stories. Some might see the above as racist slurs and in our politically correct climate it is quite astounding that such unproven stories have hit the headlines. However, while the sheeple devour these stories they are obviously not questioning the establishment and prominent personalities and the possibility of paedophiles from the political arena. Smoke and mirrors.

The stories focus on girls and gangs. No mention of boys, care homes and well-heeled abusers. Why is there a reluctance to pursue these investigations? Possibly because no-one is sure how far-reaching the consequences for the establishment:

The reason why our Westminster legislators are running away from the issue yet again is because they have no idea where this trail of slime will lead.

And last but not least, the reason why our security services are heavily involved is because they have no idea whether paedophiles in their midst have been turned on the basis of foreign blackmail.

These are all incredibly powerful reasons for keeping the lid on things. The reason is rarely a conspiracy of evil. The overwhelming motive is terror of the collateral damage that might be done by the unpredictability of the explosion.

But while those protecting the perpetrators may not be evil (if indeed anyone is) their methods will be ruthless. The entire social contract between government and citizen could be blown apart. Or not. The thing is, nobody knows.

What we have here is the equivalent of a 400 megaton nuclear UXB. What we therefore also have is those in charge wishing to bury it elsewhere a long way from them….and shooting anyone who tries to stop them. I’m serious about this:



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