The spotlight briefly hit the issue of children in care but was soon dimmed by BBC and ITV obediently coughing up the money demanded from them for not mentioning a name. Running scared it seems they have conveniently removed themselves from the child care issue. The topic is a minefield that is simply too dangerous to cover. That appears to be the message. Is that how much concern we have for highly vulnerable children?

While there may have been some inept attempts to name those involved in the children in care scandals this cannot be used as a reason to ignore the issue. These children have no lobby. Who gives a fig if they are abused? Not many it seems. While the broadcasters ensure that the topic is successfully killed off the issue remains uninvestigated. Hard cheese – we have to protect ourselves. This seems to be the response from the system.

While Michael Gove is suggesting that the system should intervene earlier and with fewer restrictions in order to remove children from their parents no one appears to be very interested in ensuring that the children are safe in “care”.  With reports that Cyril Smith effectively avoided prosecution despite sworn affidavits from victims etc. we can see that the system is incapable of investigating well-heeled paedophiles.

In 1979, Sir Cyril Smith was accused by Rochdale Alternative Pressof abusing boys at a children’s home.

Smith, who had freemason connections, announced that he was going to sue for libel.
Lord Boothby, Prime Minister John Major and others successfully sued for libel when accused of sexual misbehaviour.
People shut up and Smith was able to continue his political career.
“There is a worrying increase in the number of times children in foster care go missing,” said John Goldup, the Ofsted Deputy Chief Inspector, introducing the report.
It seems that we are in the dark about so much of what goes on in the child care area. Where is the outcry from the broadcasters and other media sources to properly investigate the situation? While the establishment seemingly sweeps things under the carpet because of fears of what might be revealed it is surely the duty of the media to spotlight this. The McAlpine issue is no reason to abandon the focus on institutional child abuse and thereby permit this situation to continue under media silence. Children in care need a voice. Our local experience tells us that children are not necessarily safer in care.

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