Well,well. There we go  – two issues frequently mentioned on the blog: conspiracy and misleading ministers.

In the report on the murder of Pat Finucane Sir Desmond Da Silva states that there was  “no political conspiracy” over the murder but that “ministers were misled”. There certainly was a conspiracy at some level and, would you believe it, ministers were misled. Ministers can’t be misled, can they? They surely beocme infallible when they take office.

As for the possibility of “an overarching conspiracy” ,  the reason why the Finucane family wish for an independent inquiry and cannot accept a report supplied by a British QC, is that really so unlikely? Conspiracies do happen. Ministers are led and misled by advisors. There could indeed be more to this story but using one of Saul Alinsky’s tips for maintaining control – ridicule it. Of course British politicians are always beyond reproach. Any suggestions to the contrary must be conspiracy theories.


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