Since we have seemingly handed over our Child Protection activities to the UK, on a plate, it is essential to be aware of how things work  – and don’t work – in the adjacent island. There is a glaring dichotomy in the behaviour of SS in the UK. The UK SS seems to favour proactive intervention – some might call it interference. There are innumerable  reports of cases where it appears that SS have been so interfering that the result of their actions has amounted to child abuse. There is something very wrong within British SS and other  countries have become aware of this as a result of ex-pats being at the receiving end of British child ‘protection’:

The concerns as to the workings of the child care system in the UK is also of concern to other governments, on September 12th The Daily Telegraph reported that “The Slovakian government has such ‘serious concern’ over the workings of Britain’s ‘family protection’ system that it plans to challenge the legality of the policy in Strasbourg. In an unprecedented move, a foreign government is threatening to take Britain to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) to challenge the unusual readiness of our social workers and courts to remove children from their parents for ‘no sound reason.’”

At the same time the “unusual readiness” to intervene is not perceptible when it come to institutionalised child abuse. While SS is happy to harass families on flimsy evidence social workers seem somewhat tardy when it comes to investigating abuse in child care institutions:

Could it be a possibility that these constant reports of child sex abuse involving influential figures have never been properly investigated, or prosecuted, because the security establishment are using these cases to blackmail and control establishment figures in politics, the media, the arts and other sectors of the establishment elite? Has there been an ongoing subversion of our democracy by rogue elements within the security service establishment? Whilst protecting us from our enemies beyond these shores is the security apparatus harbouring the enemy within? Is democracy being subverted with the intention that the people of this country be firmly tied to the yoke of totalitarianism?”

From my perspective the mere possibility that the security services could be using paedophilia and blackmail to control UK politicians is extremely disturbing. It might explain why the democratic process seems, increasingly, not to be working in this country?


You can’t fail to identify the issue there, can you? While SS is known to intervene too readily in some cases the establishment seems to plug its ears and shout “la la la” when institutionalised abuse is mentioned. Frequently, the claims allege the involvement of politicians and the well-heeled. Well, you can’t treat them like plebs, can you? But the unfitting deference is not only criminally negligent it could permit politicians to be manipulated. If you can stretch your imagination to encompass the thought that there could be one or two black sheep in the political fold then you can also imagine such persons could be used for ill purposes.

While SS say they need confidentiality and ever-increasing powers to operate successfully in child ‘protection’ their intervention in institutionalised abuse is conspicuously absent. There are frequent reports that probes have been prevented by very senior figures. Why would that be? Well to a pleb such as myself it would seem that the hoi poloi are hounded and harassed while the well-heeled are protected to the extreme. Those in positions of power can ensure they are not investigated while child stealing remains a highly profitable activity and powerful and protected paedos are supplied with victims. Or how do you see that?


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