So much for 21/12/12 being the termination of life on earth. So much for so many other stories and tales which have been peddled by the mainstream media. Despite the fact that the collectivists and their puppeteers continue to pursue their agenda to our disadvantage and continue to conjure up so many reasons for curtailing our freedom, the resistance contines.

Deception and corruption is the name of their game but more and more of us are seeing through what is going on and we can be sure that the present spotlight on paedophiles has a number of politicians quaking. Although they can be assured of continued protection by their handlers they can no longer be sure that stories of child abuse cannot be exposed. Which politicians am I referring to? Politicians everywhere are open to corruption and manipulation.

However, many good people are working to question and expose crime and corruption. We are seeing mainstream tackling topics previously avoided.  There are reasons to feel cautiously optimistic. The resistance continues.

Happy Christmas


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