Hope you managed to view the Diana movie while available. I have been asked to remove it from the site – but the link no longer works anyway. How surprising. So just a short review of the documentary that the ptb have decided we should not be able to view although the movie is available in other countries:

The most astonishing part is that the inquest verdict was ‘unlawful killing’. We learned that Diana was still conscious when paramedics arrived. However, a particular doctor took charge of things and it took a very long time to transport Diana to a clinic which was closely located to the accident site. The claim is that her injuries could have been treated successfully if she had received immediate attention,

Prior to the collision, we learn that Henri Paul showed absolutely no signs of intoxication from any kind of substances and queries are raised with regard to the blood samples used. The CCTV cameras in that area of course did not function at the time of the collision and the issue that had always disturbed me was also addressed: Why would a young mother allow herself to be driven at breakneck speeds without fastening her seat belt? It seemed to me that Diana had acted recklessly in any case. However, we learn that her seat belt was not working that evening.

Many, many other issues are also touched upon. All in all it seemed to me that the media coverage (where it seems the BBC engaged the royal correspondent rather than a legal correspondent) was sadly lacking.

Previously, I had been unsure of conspiracy claims made. Accidents do happen. Having viewed the movie I now feel that it demonstrates just how easy it is to fool the public. If you didn’t view the documentary I hope you might have an opportunity at some point in the future. It’s an eye-opener.

And no one thought it the slightest bit odd that Diana had put her fears of a staged car crash in writing. In any other case that would surely have raised eyebrows……


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