Happy New Year. It’s all as before. We exchanged the 2 for a 3 but nothing earth shattering actually happens at midnight, does it? However, it seems we like to compartmentalise and analyse by comparing things over a twelve month cycle.

Having said that, the ptb have not had things all their own way over the last year. Some mainstream journalists are  starting to expose things which have gone unmentioned for years. Good police appear to be tired of having their hands tied when it comes to enquires. And there have even been some exposures which demonstrate just how devious, dishonest and plain callous some police have been – Hillsborough a prime example.

There are certainly indications that a different wind is blowing outside of the rock. However, there is little sign of any change here. Mr Teare has ‘negotiated’ a complete submission, having met with Osborne and now being in possession of the facts of the situation. While the Channel Islands say they would rather wait for global compliance before making any moves.  Or did I misunderstand something?

We know who runs the island – and I don’t believe it’s our politicians!




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