So Savile was a satanist. Not at all surprising. Unfortunately, paedophilia has frequently been linked to satanism. Despite the mainstream revelation it seems that the media is taking further damage limitation action. We are told he was a satanist who worked alone. He was just a weirdo we are led to believe. Furthermore, we are informed that prime ministers, royalty and the well-heeled who hung out with this pervert knew nothing about his so vile tendencies. Operation Yewtree continues to pick up has-been celebrities and deceased politicians. How convenient that the investigators have managed to draw a blank at present-day political paedos. These people operate in all levels of society and the well-heeled and influential can operate with impunity. That’s the only difference between plebs and political paedos.

A BBC documentary, The Secret Life of a Paedophile, informs us how charismatic paedos worm their way into high-level positions working with children – in advisory roles.

We must have transparency in Isle of Man child protection services. We need to know what is going on.

View it if you can stomach it:


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