If it’s good enough for David Cameron then I suppose our politicians could be expected to accept the situation too. And IMO they do. According to reports in the UK media DC frequently learns of policy decisions when he hears them on the news. Who on earth would be responsible for this situation? Who is dealing with these decisions? Civil servants, of course.

the most worrying assertion by Mr Hilton is that perhaps 40 per cent of  Whitehall activity takes place on the direct order of Brussels, by-passing our  representatives in Parliament altogether.

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Sound familiar? There we have the Justice Bill containing a barely disguised version of the European Arrest Warrant and it seems that the minister was not aware of this. We know that legislation is copied and pasted from the UK – and where is UK legislation coming from? The EU, naturellement.

I stand by my previous comments regarding puppets and puppet masters, the might of the advisors and the ever-increasing ‘harmonising’ with UK (=EU) legislation. These are not conspiracy theories. To believe anything to the contrary is being in denial.


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