Ted Heath’s paedophilia and the disposal of his abused victims has been frequently mentioned by online media. These allegations were made while he was alive and he made no attempt to refute them. Online news sources continue to cover stories of high-level paedophiles, often pointing out how malleable political perverts become. GCHQ can do its utmost but frankly this stuff is not going away. So if you can’t prevent discussion of this topic you might have to seek another solution: How about sacrificing the ‘reputation’ of the dead and admitting that stories of political paedophiles are true while at the same time ensuring that the Brits get a clean bill of health and a bit of Brasso on the halos? This could be achieved by hauling out the old arch-enemy  – the Germans! That is simply my opinion.

Make up your own mind about the following interview with Michael Shrimpton, barrister, former Tory MP with an insight into British intelligence. MS also spells out how Heath made life easy for his handlers:



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