“Don’t mention the war!” warned Basil Fawlty in the Cleese classic where he managed to seriously upset his German guests as a result of his positive discrimination. Maybe he was right. Perhaps it is better not to mention WWII. While we continue to revisit wartime battles, applaud ourselves for ‘freeing’ Europe and smugly feel we hold the higher moral ground some ‘alternative’ media sites are also stoking up the anti-German fires (actually we fought the nazis, not the Germans), which I strongly suspect to be disinformation.

The awakened are uncovering more and more uncomfortable details about our politicians and the corrupt system and are not to be silenced. Solution? Divert attention, divide and rule. It’s the Germans that are to blame for everything, both now and then – according to some. The Brits of course are always the goodies in these tales. Clear cut it seems. The truth could be a little different. We have been accused of torturing Germans. not to mention the fact that Churchill appears to some to have been a warmonger, he is quoted as seeking war with Hitler.

Peace was not desired – my father, an ex desert rat and D Day veteran, also had this impression. Hess was not alone in trying to negotiate a peaceful solution, other countries also did their best  – all suggestions rejected by our peace-loving country. Interestingly, some Germans (most notably those in the police force) tell us that they have uncovered the fact that the German legislative system is based on the British maritime system, introduced by the allies, and that the Bundesrepublik Deutschland is a corporation! How convenient! (There are also indications that this is no longer legitimate as a result of unification  – but that’s another story).

Not only have we been accused of torture associated with the second world war. We almost obliterated Dresden at at time when victory for the allies was clearly on the horizon. And how can we forget our modern day aggressor, Blair? We have no issues with US aggression nor do we raise an eyebrow when Hilary Clinton blithely refers to civilian deaths as collateral damage. Recent revelations demonstrate that British involvement in Northern Ireland was not all squeaky clean.

Evil is international – amongst the elite. Let’s not be drawn into their divisive games. It’s not about Germans or French or Muslims or Jews. It’s about them and us. The globalists, collectivists and the serfs. United we stand. Divided we fall.

PS Why does Sir Barry Domville, author of From Admiral to Cabin Boy tell of his relief at not being detained in the Isle of Man? Comments please.



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