As consumers we have clout. If a company does not fulfil its obligations we can take action against them. Surely the same must apply to an organisation that demands money by menace while not adhering to the conditions within its charter. This has to be a case for the Office of Fair Trading. Strangely, I hear not a squeak from the otherwise so-protective government department. Could this have anything to do with the fact that this is legalised extortion? However, while the BBC has been given the right to demand money by menace (yes, menace – what happens if you don’t pay up?) the following video reveals 10 good reasons why we should cancel the licence.

This is not a payment-dodging tactic it is a suggestion for action that can be taken against the broadcaster based on facts. Number one: BBC is far from unbiased (Unbiased information is a condition of the BBC charter). The video goes on to scrutinise BBC frontmen and looks into the secret NGO cabal that paved the way for the climate change propaganda which the BBC openly admits to, it seems. After all it has declared that there is no supporting evidence to deny climate change and therefore the broadcaster refuses to tolerate sceptics.

The footage has been obtained from varying sources and is well worth viewing.

The second video, an excellent edition of The Corbett Report, looks at the ‘establishment mouthpiece’ and how we can all take action by refusing to pay for our programming. Basically. it’s freeman action, which seems to work. However, if you have doubts about that particular course of action surely we must have a case against the BBC as it is clearly contravening conditions of the charter. Why not simply refuse to pay on the basis that the BBC is not complying with its side of the deal? How would they have a leg to stand on? I wonder how the OFT would advise? 🙂


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