It’s your big opportunity. Now’s your chance for open discussion with Roamin CoMin coming to a town near you – Ramsey being the final stop. No point in attending? Many of us must be having similar thoughts.

It seems that our politicians are trying to win us over before the real hatchet work starts. Why do you suppose that is important? After all, it seems that there is a government line and we are all expected to toe it. If members are jettisoned if they don’t agree with government policy what chance does a member of the public have of effecting any changes? However, silence could be construed as agreement and acceptance. For this reason it is essential that we continue to make our feelings known.

These meetings seem to have a common theme. We experience ministers in their Sunday best behaviour. In an effort to woo us they appear charming and concerned only with the good of the many. What choice do they have, poor vicitms of the economic climate? They need our moral support while they pursue their austerity course. Is it really that simple?

Why do we have to follow an austerity course? Did we bail out the banks as in the UK? No. The reason for our poverty is quite simply down to missing dosh. The UK agreed the VAT conditions and then a few years down the line decided it was unfair and grabbed millions back and then returned later for more. Nobody has been held responsible for this. Effectively, we were told to get over it. It’s happened. No point in recriminations. Yet we are now seeing redundancies, pay cuts, reduction of services etc. because someone, somewhere decides that the UK demands are fair.

Viewed from another angle: If the original agreement was simply too generous – then why? Error? Something was gained in return? We can only speculate. Yet while the reasons remain unknown to us we are still expected to sympathise with those who surely do know much more about how this occurred and may even have been severely negligent or complicit. Not to worry, as serfs we are expected to accept the cuts and ask no questions.

Apropos no questions: Don’t question the costs. Any questions relating to money spent on schemes, services rendered or entrepreneurial activities are met with the “confidentiality’ retort. It can’t be revealed. Just keep on stumping up and doing without. We make the decisions. FOI Act? Get real guys, this is not a priority and will be pushed further and further down the line.

So while it seems attending the meeting could be a waste of time it is a sorely needed opportunity to ask some questions and let CoMin know that we aren’t swallowing everything we read or hear from government.


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