Why do we accept things as truth? It seems that much of the reasoning behind our decision is a result of conditioning and well …. mind control. The kind we don’t really notice but which we are subject to on a daily basis. If we have ever been influenced to buy a new gizmo after watching an ad then it could be argued that we have succumbed to subtle thought manipulation. This goes on all the time.

We all know how ads are tailored to convey the right message. We might connect with the image of a cool, well-travelled type or maybe we feel more affinity to the guy-next-door message. Whichever we choose the message has been knowingly constructed to achieve the aim of selling something to a prospective purchaser. Connect a perfume with a picture of a top model in Paris and that picture stays with us. Not a word has been said but we ‘know’ that this perfume is upmarket and chic.

We also ‘know’ what can and cannot be said in public. We ‘know’ that they know best. If the powers that be (PTB) make it clear through suggestion that good people are allied to the US and should not question certain ‘facts’ then we accept this even more easily than the commercial brainwashing. After all this hit on our psyche is daily and comes in many forms most of which are difficult to escape from. Little wonder then that if a thirty-second ad slot can achieve humongous amounts of sales that we succumb to our daily dose of mind control and have come to accept what is stated in the news. After all, it is vetted, written by experts with a good insight into things, people with contacts who are in the know. Really?

If we were presented with at least two sides of stories we could be left to make up our own minds. We would research things further to try to find out more about a situation. But when did you last experience news like that? Never! It stands to reason then that the news is selectively reported. It is not unbiased.

Nothing ground-breaking here for the awakened, I know. However, I’m setting up my stall for future blog posts. Because this daily, constant misrepresentation of occurrences permits atrocities to continue, unquestioned. While Obama sheds tears over American deaths he chooses to ignore the fact that American drone attacks have been responsible for the deaths of innocent children. AKA as collateral damage. Not a word of this mentioned of course.

I could go on at length but let’s get to the point. There are ‘accepted’ facts and reasoning. Two very different things. For instance, if beach pollution was reported by more than one individual and there was clear evidence of this, it would be accepted as fact and there would be an investigation as well as a cleaning up exercise. However, if reports of sky pollution escalate, with evidence provided, the subject is dismissed. Why? Because those in the know have been conditioned to see this as simply not true. In other words they just keep taking the blue pill.

As there is little evidence that the PTB have any real ability to reason and think things through the blog will be regularly posing the question: Why do we accept this as truth? Once we can question  our  own beliefs (in my case – mostly conditioning)  as well as the beliefs of others then we can make progress. Conform without question? No way. Let those who provide the ‘accepted view’ provide proof of their research and reasoning.

Why are lingering and widening stripes in the sky performed by aircraft in a criss-cross fashion dismissed as contrails and why are those who report chemtrail activity dismissed as conspiracy theorists? Yet those who hold positions within environmental departments who have never conducted investigations into the visible, unmistakable aerial pollution consider their denials should be accepted as fact. Does that make sense to you?

There was a time when the accepted view was that the world was flat and those who denied it – the truthers – were persecuted.


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