Microwave technology has not been incontravertibly proven to be safe. If Telecom, Sure etc wish to dispute this – then bring it on. Let’s compare all available evidence in public. Microwave technology is known as an instrument of warfare and was successfully used by communist Russia in the past.

Today I have discovered that someone I know very well is also EMF sensitive (as I am). Yet the UK population is now being exposed to a sales drive for Smart meters. Utter madness!

A lady in Peel has been doing her best to prevent a mast being erected in her neighbourhood although I’m not sure of the present state of play. Big bucks are involved so I suspect health issues will take a back seat. However, the cigarette industry had to take a hit sometime so why shouldn’t mast providers?

A huge rise in cancer rates and no explanation? Of course not if you refuse to acknowledge all research. This is what is happening. ‘We like these stats – so we don’t want to see those’. Is that a responsible attitude? And of course those who parrot these things have been told they are true. What do they base their beliefs on? Please pass on this link, it could save lives:




  1. It is accepted that telecommunication companies would not wish the facts about the damaging effects of microwave technology to become well-known – big bucks are involved. They therefore focus on positive stats obtained from restricted evidence and dismiss expert opinion to the contrary. It is also well-known that sensitive people have developed illness with the erection of a nearby mast. EMF protective measures or moving away have resulted in health improvement.

    These are not scare stories. It’s real. How many people are aware that everything in the universe and certainly on this earth vibrates at certain frequencies? Electro Magnetic Frequencies are not in tune with the human physiology

    Please check out the link in this post as well as earlier reports such as:
    for an excellent insight into the issues involved. However, telecom companies are unlikely to address these issues, instead they prefer to cite a limited study. If word of the dangers really got out it would cost a fortune worldwide.

    The Mobile Companies and Government claim that this technology is all safe – but they would since they are making Billions of pounds from it every year. They can’t afford to admit that it’s dangerous.

    Since when should we listen to the safety assurances from these people (who make billions of pounds selling us their products) over and above independent scientists’ warnings?

    If nothing else look into the facts for yourself – take care to look at the work of truly Independent scientists, not those paid directly or indirectly from Government and the Telecom Companies.


    manxasthehills: Will post further relevant sites and contact detaiks in the near future

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