Prove beyond doubt that telecom masts are safe. That’s the challenge. There are simply so many reports about the very significant effects that  Electro Magnetic Radiation can have on our health that if you don’t wish to even consider the issue then you must be a hopeless coincidence theorist.

A sudden and serious decline in health with the introduction of a source of EMR. A recovery when the problem is successfully addressed and a relapse when a further source is introduced. Sounds like a coincidence to you? Keep taking the blue pill.

We are constantly bombarded by Electro Magnetic Frequencies. It’s inescapable. From the domestic cordless and the mobile to the wireless router there are already a number of sources in the home. While doctors and scientists warn us of the health problems caused by EMF our government is happily permitting further roll-out of telecom masts in highly populated areas.

The following talk by Dr Dietrich Klinghardt makes easy listening and is packed with facts and helpful hints. He goes on to address the issue of the mandatory installation of Smart Meters in the US. Now if you are not aware of this appalling situation where the police are using force to ensure the meters are installed then start Googling.

Why should anyone be subjected to potentially highly hazardous (lethal) radiation against their will? That is what is happening right there right now.

Please take the time to watch. You might save a life.




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