The Final Report of the Select Committee on the MEA is to be laid before Tynwald in the coming week. No doubt it will be hyped to us as drawing a line under things, different procedures these days, too costly to pursue through courts etc. (My take on this: Get over it. The serfs pay the bills. They are not there to ask questions).

There are recommendations. Seemingly, faults on both sides. We must accept it at face value because we are not in possession of all the details at this stage. Witness statements were taken in writing (as such a long time had elapsed and it might be difficult to recall things – conveniently witnesses weren’t put on the spot either?) and are available from the Tynwald library as I understand things. Are copies available for the general public or are these the sort of documents you are permitted to read only?

It seems that Mr Proffitt (cool name but is it appropriate) made inappropriate claims on his business credit card and that there weren’t sufficient checks and balances – or could that be too many cheques and no balances? LOL This is an intriguing one. What would be deemed inappropriate, I wonder? A sightseeing weekend in London following a business meeting? Weekly dinners at an expensive restaurant to discuss gas pipeline progress? Business class flights to Australia, spouse included, to attend an energy conference? Not that I am suggesting that any of these things happened.  What is the total of the inappropriate claims? We will never know, I guess.

Just pay up and ask no questions. Because we will be paying for a long, long time.

The report is available on the Tynwald site, all 254 pages of it. Inexpensive reading if you have nothing else to do. But let’s be realistic. What’s the point of delving into it all? Frankly, it can’t be changed. So we do have to get over it. However, this is yet another example of why transparency is required.

A further report is due to be laid before Tynwald when the Court considers the recommendations with regard to the introduction of the Centralised Pupil Database and that is really going to provoke some discussion. Don’t miss this one. This definitely isn’t history and you can make your views known.


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