The Speaker must surely be speaking for us all when he states that it is heartbreaking to think that the state of affairs at the MEA could have been avoided. It seems the Treasury must issue an annual Letter of Comfort to enable the MEA to continue as a going concern. We have an insolvent energy provider with little hope of change. Steve Rodan makes his view on the situation very clear.

However, the real tragedy, imo, is the fact that the small fry continue to cough up for this financially bungled project while those who were undoubtedly paid handsomely, and who appeared to glory in their positions, walk away unscathed. This is at any rate how it appears to me.

Not that I am seeking retribution to satisfy any vengeful tendencies. It is simply unacceptable that those in well-paid positions can botch up big time, leaving taxpayers to carry the can, while the incompentent or corrupt walk away unscathed. The message seems to be that if you reach the higher echelons then you are made for life. The serfs will whinge and rant – but heh – who cares?

And while we are on the subject, perhaps we could have some more transparency in the movie arena? While a huge investment in the film industry has been decided upon (with little information available to those footing the bill i.e. you and me) the whole thing remains about as transparent as muddy ditch water.

But never mind if it all goes pear-shaped they can hold an inquiry into things, establish that matters should have been more transparent, that the situation could have been avoided, ignore the serfs and carry on.


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