Why anyone would be concerned about comments on Manx Forums I can’t imagine. The forums are obviously well-equipped with trolls who seem to pop up and demolish most anti-government ‘discussions’, anyway. It’s entertaining but has anything positive ever emerged from the banter? Forums are there to divert attention and occupy people who might otherwise actually take some kind of action. A certain way of keeping the serfs down. Let them rant and whinge – they won’t be causing any real problems. Unless of course you are an MHK seeking re-election. Yes, then things could have repercussions – if anyone noticed you in the first place.

Is this why Geoff Corkish would like to see the forums closed down? Whatever his reasons for wishing to ‘protect’ us from forum comments it comes across as a wish for control, to silence dissent and ensure the serfs remain in their place.

Silencing the media? Internet controls? Isn’t the media controlled anyway? Is GC taking his cue from Leveson and co.? Crikes, we really do seem to have exactly the same police state mentality here as the control freaks on the adjacent island. GC may well have cooked his goose with the voters now but never mind, he stands himself in good stead to move to the Legislative Council. 🙂


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