No doubt some MHKs outraged reactions to the MEA report were genuine. After all we are all paying for this. However, this was surely the best stance to take. It is fairly obvious that the public will not be pleased with this multi-million mess. Yes, we do have a power station with the very, very best glass it seems and we do have a gas pipeline. The cost for these has been astronomical, way beyond original calculations and we and our children and their children will be paying for it. By which time it may well be past its sell-by date.

There are references to the CEO’s ego and attitude. Imo he did have quite a large ego and it seemed to me that the quickest way to keep it in check was not to feed it. Was he surrounded by unquestioning sycophants?

There are recommendations. But no-one is to be held personally responsible at this point as this was beyond the remit of the committee. More is yet to come? Corruption was not a cause, we are told. So can we account for all the money and explain where it has gone? And why did we have only the best materials? Vague reference to misuse of a business credit card is not sufficient. This is simply not enough. The next step has to be naming those responsible because presently the comments appear to be whitewashing a dire situation. Yes, it’s happened. But was just one person responsible and no one felt able to query things? It seems incredible that public money was dealt with in such a casual fashion.

Can government really expect us to accept further opaque and secretive dealings without question? No. The track record speaks for itself so let’s start having the full details of the investment in the film industry, let’s take the covers off the cost of Atos and let’s see why we are paying for a child database which the public clearly rejected etc. etc.

The serfs are the ones who are paying for all of this and confidentiality clauses should not be used as a protection from public scrutiny. Above all, most of us are aware that if we make a serious mess of things in the private sector then our job is endangered. Government does not have the right to ride roughshod over us, with no visible accountability for mistakes, and then hand us the bill. FOI urgently needed.

Oh yes – and who is going to say ‘sorry’?


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