Just had to add the following to the original text below: More power to Phil Gawne in respect of exposing the lack of democratic process here. Having just read his Facebook comment I can only hope that Mr Gawne continues to openly comment on what is wrong with things.

It’s not all complaints on this blog. Despite my issues with Phil Gawne’s myopic view of the skies above us he does seem fairly open about other issues. It was heartening to hear a politician complaining about the imbalance of power where developers are concerned and his questioning of the democratic principles involved in the consultation on the Southern Area Plan.

The land in question in the Sourthern Area Plan had apparently been left for recreational purposes but has now been approved for housing development. Three MHKs were against the proposal and it seems the evidence produced in favour of their argument was simply dismissed. This is the Isle of Man today. Are we simply to accept this state of affairs or recognise that something doesn’t seem to be right.

Kate Beecroft has always struck me as being focused and down-to-earth and therefore I feel inclined to believe her statement about the film industry. In the Independent she is quoted as stating that not one film has broken even! Is this true? How on earth can we be pursuing this industry and ploughing more taxpayers’ money into things if this is the case? Oh yes…it’ll be the unquantifiables that are so valuable to us, no doubt. Those taxi drivers coining it from the film crews, the hotels bulging at the seams and other unseen benefits.

Does it seem reasonable to pursue an industry, at a huge cost, which appears to provide only unquantifiable evidence of its success? The Pinewood investment was pushed through. Based on what? Assurances from our government that it is a financially sound proposition? Do they really expect us to have utter confidence in their accounting after the MEA bungle?


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