Was Geoff Corkish demonstrating how well he could toe the government line and hoping to be viewed as suitable LegCo material when he made his now famous utterance last week? If this was the ploy then surely he must be hoping it pays off as the comments in the IOM Examiner today (and on the forums) have not been too complimentary.

Some were critical of the government in general. Hardly surprising after recent events. The MEA report has already been put on the shelf with no-one held responsible for the catastrophe and still no apologies for a bungled project (if it comes out way over budget then it’s surely bungled) nor the cavalier fashion in which taxpayers’ money was treated. But – heh – they’ve learned lessons. Measures have already been put into place etc.

Similarly, in answer to a question which was put to the Treasury Minister on Mannin Line concerning our research on online purchases from the UK the minister stated that they were presently looking into this. Get the idea? It sounds very much like stable door action again. Online ordering is a vast part of trading here. It keeps carriers in business. How much more professional it would have appeared if we had been able to supply evidence of this when the VAT ‘negotiations’ were taking place, resulting in a huge reduction of our income.

Lessons are being learnt, it seems, but taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for those in well-paid positions who appear to be learning on the job. Transparency and FOI urgently needed. There have been too many opaque and expensive deals – and what about the costly but unwanted Pupil Database? That is yet to be exposed.

No wonder GC and Co. would like to close down forum discussion.


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