Why should the people pay the price for decisions made in their name by an unaccountable élite? This question posed by Annie Machon, former spy with MI5, says it all for me – and, I suspect, for many others. This is what it all comes down to. In so-called ‘democracies’ we elect members to represent us and then discover that they are little more than puppets who respond to the bidding of a powerful élite. And while I’m not sure that the term ‘élite’ accurately describes members of government, I would suggest that ‘unaccountable’ is a word that could be applied. The MEA being a prime example of this. Who do we hold to account? Nobody. But we are certainly paying the price.

Sadly, many begin to accept a situation of disempowerment and cease to question what is going on in our name. It seems this also applied to the people of Iceland, prior to their wake-up call, but having ignored international demands things are on the up in Iceland. As mainstream media constantly reports – not! This story does not reach MSM for one simple reason: it dispels the myth that we must hang out with the big boys and comply with all international demands. If word gets around then the élite lose control.

Iceland is a success story and it continues to go from strength to strength. With a population of 320,00 Iceland has a considerably smaller population than Eire (circa 4.5 million). A size we can relate to perhaps?

Ice­land is an inspir­a­tional and inter­est­ing coun­try.  Fol­low­ing the 2008 credit crash, the Icelanders bucked inter­na­tional trends and actu­ally held some of their rul­ing élite — the politi­cians and bankers who had brought about these fin­an­cial prob­lems — to account.  The gov­ern­ment fell, some bankers were fired and pro­sec­uted, and the Icelandic people are hav­ing a ser­i­ous rethink about the way their demo­cracy could and should work.


Annie Machon is presently giving a series of talks in Iceland. Now if only we could persuade her to come to the Isle of Man….



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