Is Tesco’s obsession with sourcing low-priced meat and vegetables over? They claim they will be seeking more local suppliers in an effort to ensure traceability. However, how often have we been told that farmers and growers are being priced out of existence by supermarket chains which prefer to obtain imported wares if foodstuffs cannot be supplied to them at knock-down prices?

If Tesco and others change their policies Would this mean that groceries obtained from these outlets are then guaranteed safe for consumption? What does that really mean? If it means that you don’t drop dead when you consume something, then yes, they probably are safe. But we shouldn’t confuse this with being good for long-term health.

While Aspartame may save a few calories it is not actually good for us. (Dr Mercola: Sweet Deception) Even the basics such as rice and sweet corn cannot be guaranteed GM free. Indeed, a large proportion of cattle food in the EU is actually derived from GM foods. So it is almost certainly in the food chain for carnivores. I won’t even start on the nanoparticles being introduced into everyday food items!

Personally, I purchase little from supermarkets, preferring to obtain vegetables and eggs from local sources. Other items are often purchased from health stores – but even then we need to read labels. I shudder at the sight of supermarket shelves laden with foodstuffs I just wouldn’t touch.

We now know that Brits are the most obese people in Europe. Little wonder, as we appear to have adopted American eating habits. It is sad to see how little regard we have for natural, healthy food. Many other European countries still place great importance on freshly-cooked food made from quality natural ingredients. Something the Americans didn’t reckon with in their drive to make the world GM dependent. Dependent is the operative word btw., as GM seeds are also known as terminator seeds. They must be purchased every year. If the US had its way we would all be dependent on Monsanto and others for our daily bread – and all other vegetables, fruit etc.

US sources have been quoted as wanting to ‘own’the weather by 2005. Create drought or floods and then produce the genetically modified seeds to combat the problems? What happens if the makers of Agent Orange, Monsanto, decide that seeds are scarce?

 “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.”

Henry Kissinger

Let’s do we all can to support local farmers and growers and encourage them to remain GM free.  Ultimately, we benefit as a result.

PS Note to self: Investigate patio growing, hydroponics etc


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