Following his disturbing video (now restored after being removed from the web):

Dane Wiggington, ecologist, explains in a radio interview just how crazy climate criminals are trying to play God with the weather – but things have gone badly wrong. He goes on to explain that how these guys are so busy trying to create weather events in one place that they forget the side-effects suffered in other areas. That is what I have suspected for some time. Record snow creation is a part of this mania by the way.

These guys have made such a cockup of things that they are hellbent on trying to prevent complete disaster. Their answer? More spraying. more aluminum, more madness. Please take the time to listen to this interview.
Dane Wiggington exposes how he receives calls from those in the field who have realised what is going on and they don’t want any part of it. However, they are warned about going public on geonengineering.

Fluoride is also a component of the toxins being sprayed, it seems. Please speak up for the sake of our children.


Someone reminded me of Yuri Bezmenov yesterday. As ex-KGB he was well acquanted with the tactics used to gain control of countries. This post was originally published in 2011 but seems more relevant than ever. Which stage have we reached?

free as thy sweet mountain air

If the media does not supply us with an objective view of world matters, if we are fed one-sided, biased information and we do not seek other views then it seems reasonable to conclude that this could change our perception of reality. Therefore the sole consumption of British mainstream news is not helpful in our search for reality.

The Murdoch scandal is now being milked by mainstream (the focus on every single sleazy detail as it is released  is unfortunately diverting attention from other important stories). However, it certainly gives us an insight into how much power and influence media moguls wield. We may ponder why top leaders are so keen to maintain friendships with those involved in the gutter press. There are obvious attempts by leaders to woo and win over the press but we shouldn’t be too taken in by this. The fact is that mainstream withholds facts and…

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The question was tantalizingly clear:

How many settlement payments were made which contained a gagging clause in each of the last five years broken down by Department and the total amount paid by each Department?

However, our Treasury Minister was seemingly unable to comprehend it. Having requested Mrs Beecroft to repeat it he appeared to misunderstand what had been requested  and restricted his answer to employment issues. Mrs Beecroft made it clear that the question contained no reference to employment issues, as indeed it did not. Mr Teare, ever concerned about making savings, had not wanted to ‘engage the department in unnecessary work’ and we now still await the answer – to be supplied in due course?


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The present header is a close-up of HAARP. What on earth is this all about? Well, we are told it could heat the ionosphere causing the Jet Stream to shift. Faced with present weather conditions and the Jet Stream again displaced do we really believe that this is all down to CO2? Not me, anyway. Let’s have some statements about HAARP and skyspraying before we have further Climate Change propaganda forced down our throats.

USA can you assure us that the patents taken out in regard of Geoengineering have not led to this intervention taking place without our consent? And can you assure us that HAARP has not been used for weather manipulation purposes?





BRICS summit heralds the end of western financial dominance?

I notice that western news broadcasts have provided little information about this meeting in South Africa. Just how controlled is the media? Under the title BRICS and Africa:Partnership for development, integration and industrialisation the participants met for the fifth time.

The closing statement included mention of International Legislation, multilateral affairs and UNO and increasing solidarity amongst the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India,and China). No further militarisation of the conflict in Syria and a desire to see the international dispute over Iran’s atomic programme resolved through negotations are further topics which were under discussion.

Although no agreement was reached on founding a BRICs Development Bank, BRICs currency reserve funds and the laying of a maritime internet cable to connect all BRICs states, these topics are open to further discussion.

However, many points were agreed including oil and gas deals between Russia and China, as well as broadband and telecom projects. China is to purchase fighter jets and submarines from Russia and future a desire to acquire Russian aerial defence systems in the future.

Within five years the members have made huge strides, it seems. The plans to set up financial systems which are not dependent on the World Bank and the IMF must surely cause the west some headaches. Things could become very interesting. But the media prefers to pretend that this isn’t happening, it seems.



While the Isle of Man counts the cost of the recent snow and blizzards it is easy to be drawn into the climate change theory. Well guess what? This happened in the 1960s too. villages were cut off, schools were closed etc. It all came right out of the blue. Just like the renowned Big Snow of earlier times. In other words this kind of thing has happened periodically in the past. However, nobody felt a compulsion to link it to anything in particular. It’s weather and weather is unpredictable and ever-changing. Today’s schoolchildren are unlikely to remember that. They will probably grow up believing that climate change is the reason for weather variations.

However, Mr FOIA, who leaked emails in the past, has leaked further emails from colleagues with the statement:

That’s right; no conspiracy, no paid hackers, no Big Oil. The Republicans didn’t plot this. USA politics is alien to me, neither am I from the UK. There is life outside the Anglo-American sphere.

If someone is still wondering why anyone would take these risks, or sees only a breach of privacy here, a few words…

The first glimpses I got behind the scenes did little to garner my trust in the state of climate science — on the contrary. I found myself in front of a choice that just might have a global impact.

It seems the present cold spell could last through April. The Jet Stream’s gone AWOL again. Did it do it so regularly in the past? You don’t suppose it really could be down to CO2? How about the US supplying details of their HAARP installations and what they are capable of doing – ionospheric heating could move the jet stream.

And the sky-spraying. What’s that all about? How many have the reasoning skills to question these things and how many prefer to accept what they are told? This is a major debate that is presented as ‘proven’ science and those who can’t swallow it are called deniers and should be killed according to some. Don’t you think we need some answers?


I once lived close to an american airbase. An acquaintance sometimes brought me US foodstuffs in return for some minor assistance I was able to provide. The initial reaction of delight at obtaining well-known brands, I was otherwise unable to obtain, quickly turned to disdain. The ingredient list read more like a list of chemicals than nutritional items. One thing was clear to me: Not fit for human consumption. (IMO)

Nowadays, I avoid all foodstuffs imported from the US. Not only do they appear to contain too many artificial ingredients, the ‘natural’ items are very likely genetically modified, as the US continues to resist the idea of leabelling GM food and with so many American farmers being Monsanto customers how can we be sure that these items are GM-free? Even health store products from across the Atlantic cannot be guaranteed GM free, unless the producers obtain the ingredients from bona fide organic producers.

Knowing how the US likes to impose sanctions on the latest ‘enemy’, food sanctions appear more than fair to me. Voting with our feet seems the most expressive form of rejection. How superb that Hungary has told Monsanto where to put their frankenfoods:

Let GM proponents eat as much GM as they wish. In fact those responsible for trying to introduce them in the UK should be treated to huge amounts of GM food. Gorge yourselves if you think it is so good!


It is reported that the US utilised cloud seeding and resultant flooding in the Vietnam war. Climate manipulation is nothing new. The US has held patents on the technology for some years. HAARP is often described as an ionospheric heater. Heating the ionosphere could cause displacement of the jet stream, which would likely result in disastrous flooding. What happened last summer? The jet stream was seriously displaced and the met office claimed this was the reason for our wash-out summer. One of the wettest ever, which caused extreme hardship for farmers and growers.

If anyone was manipulating the weather that would surely be criminal. But who would do that? Who would want to commit such crimes? Heating the ionosphere and causing misery to many? The US has openly stated that it wants to own the weather by 2025. The following video, from the History Channel, explains how flooding could be imposed on us:


The climate change theory wears thinner and thinner. Where exactly is the global warming? We discover that the Met Office can’t supply the evidence to back the claim. We shiver in late March in icy weather and scientists begin to doubt  the theory they have promoted. However, with so much money invested in this scam those promoting it will continue to do so as long as they possibly can.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, except ‘climate change deniers’ it seems. Let those who choose to accept the stories of anthropogenic global warming have their say as long as others receive the same amount of media coverage, school syllabus inclusion etc. Unfortunately, this goes beyond propaganda, it is the basis for extortion.

Worse still the military is using Climate Warming Weapon Technologies to warm the planet but governments stonewall this topic.

It’s unacceptable that the UN/IPCC continue to push CO2 as the cause for climate change but refuse to acknowledge the military has been actively engaged in Climate Warming Weapons Technologies for more than 20 years.

Why on earth should we permit the PTB to continue to control our lives under the pretence of the necessity for CO2 reduction when there is constant and covert (in that it is denied) spraying of our skies?

Yes, man-made global warming is real, but we are not the ones who are producing it. Why should we co-operate with further taxation and restrictions related to CO2 reduction demands until the very real sky spraying is acknowledged ?