Manx Radio dutifully reported on the LegCo candidates this morning. Was your immediate reaction the same as mine? What does it matter? We the serfs have no say in this whatsoever. While LegCo certainly wields power members have not necessarily been elected by the public at any time. Just say the right things and you may strike lucky, eh Geoffrey?

Despite efforts to change the situation LegCo are not having it. And why would they? If they have set up a cosy little situation for themselves why would they let anyone spoil it? Resultantly, we will be subjected to blow by blow accounts of the LegCo elections as if they think we might be interested for some reason. Not only do we have no say in the election of members we will have little, if any, influence over what goes on in LegCo.

Do you feel Free As Thy Sweet Mountain Air? If we have no say in LegCo elections and no way of influencing decisions then we can hardly describe ourselves as ‘free’. After all, even when government gets a rap over the knuckles about its use of CCTV, the issue is simply ignored.  We are no more than serfs if we continue to accept the present situation.


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