We don’t have to be paid-up members of the Greens, Friends of the Earth, World Wildlife Fund etc to be in favour of looking after the planet. Indeed, my issue with the above is that I am not convinced that they are doing very much to protect the planet. That might seem a cruel and unfounded accusation. However, if they continue to ignore, or possibly be unaware of what has been described as the most dangerous threat to the planet within the next twelve months ( yes, it seems the next year is crucial if we are to save it)  then I believe the accusation to be justified.

So what is it that we can all do to help save the planet within the next twelve months? We need to put pressure on government(s) to investigate geoengineering. Not in an effort to instigate it but because it needs to be stopped – immediately.

There have been reports  – and highly credible documentation  – from all over the world for some years that aircraft are causing extreme pollution by aerosol spraying. Many activist groups have been formed as a result of this and some have submitted samples of rainwater for laboratory testing – with quite astounding results.

In reecent years islanders have also become aware of the same phenomenum. However, it seems that DEFA has dismissed the reports up to now and claims that they have no evidence of this. This is probably a factual statement. If no efforts are made to investigate  then consequently there will be no evidence. But can DEFA then clearly deny that we are being sprayed? No. If no serious investigation is conducted then the department caring for our environment is unable to deny the fact.

Russ Tanner’s interview – pulled from Youtube, wonder why? – is an eye-opener for us all. RT’s area of expertise is climate change, alternative energy, especially solar energy. He noticed sunlight was declining and his research into this led him to chemtrails, or aerosol spraying, being carried out to ‘save the planet’. Unfortunately, being human, the inventors didn’t quite get things right and Tanner claims that those involved are now increasing the spraying to cover up the damage they have done. If this continues the planet is doomed within a very short time.

If the topic is new to you please check out the video below and do your own research. Stonewalling from government environmental departments is of no help to us or the planet. It is essential that the issue is acknowledged so that we can begin to discuss things in the open
Should you be unable to view the below video (I note it presently states that an error occurred, wonder why?) then please use this link:


4 comments on “AN APPEAL: WE HAVE TO ACT NOW

  1. Sounds like black PR from big oil etc. make idiots believe this then show how ridiculous they are and discredit genuine climate change evidence.
    Think about it, there are thousands of planes in the sky all over the world all day every day. Would be strange if some pilots or passengers had not spotted a stratospheric crop sprayer

    • Thank you for your comment and interest in the topic. By way of further explanation, these are not random reports from passengers or pilots. This is something that has been studied by many knowledgeable people throughout the world. The criss-cross patterns in the skies, which are emitted from aircraft do not disappear within minutes, unlike contrails, but instead spread out over a period of hours and eventually block the sunshine.

      The US took out patents on this form of geo engineering some years ago – can be checked online. Some Greens in Sweden, Germany, Cyprus etc have drawn attention to chemtrails. The German military has admitted spraying in the past – the evidence was there and was impossible to deny. I could go on and on. There are innumerable references to it. It is plainly visible in the Isle of Man too.

      DEFA admits that there have been several inquiries about this – yet they conduct no research and cannot deny that it is occurring.

      I understand that there will be a film show about this in the not too distant future and there will also be the opportunity to pose quesions. Will post the details on the blog as soon as I have more information. If our air is being polluted in this way it requires satisfactory investigation.

  2. reason 8 is relevant here.

    “panel of experts” turns out to be a gang of paid stooges

    so we can be fairly sure global warming/climate change is a fabrication.

  3. Excuse me, David Buttery

    What the fuck is a stratospheric crop sprayer? Are you just making that shit up?

    One minute you are frying burgers in Route66 and the next you are an expert in spraying crops in the upper atmosphere.

    Please provide evidence of crops in the upper atmosphere and the usefulness of spraying crops at height or promise to stay off the psychedelic drugs as the basis of your argument suggests your thinking is clouded.

    Last time i watched independence day the old alcoholic fucker was a cropduster and he skimmed just over the top of the crops in a little cessna type aircraft, not a fucking 747 at 30,000 ft.

    Perhaps i should take some prozac and some LSD and then i could see what you see, if only the red dragons would get out of the way. 😉

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