Tampering with the weather and the sky above us is neither new nor a conspiracy theory. It’s old hat – but those in the know prefer to keep it under wraps….until government files become declassified:

On August 15, 1952, one of the worst flash floods ever to have occurred in Britain swept through the Devon village of Lynmouth. Thirty five people died as a torrent of 90m tons of water and thousands of tons of rock poured off saturated Exmoor and into the village destroying homes, bridges, shops and hotels.
The disaster was officially termed “the hand of God” but new evidence from previously classified government files suggests that a team of international scientists working with the RAF was experimenting with artificial rainmaking in southern Britain in the same week and could possibly be implicated.
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5 comments on “RAF RAINMAKERS OF THE 1950s

  1. The “rainmaking” was done by chucking bags of sodium chloride out of a plane, neither secret or very successful.
    Dancing around in a feather headdress and waving a stick is just as unlikely a cause of flooding
    It rains, sometimes it rains a lot. It always has, it always will.

  2. It was definitely secret until the papers were released after thirty years. It also appears to have gone badly wrong and no one would admit to it at the time – or later. While this is basic stuff things have moved on since then. Did you check out the US patents and above all do you look at the sky? Stanford University discusses using geoengineering in detail – with aerosol sprays. Germany has admitted doing it in the not too distant past and, as mentioned, clued-up Greens in other countries are on the ball with this. Germany has recently stated in the Bundestag that geoengineering is too risky to be permitted. Yet Werner Altnickel, dismissed from the Greens for using his observational skills and his brain and not accepting dogma, is very-well versed on what is happening there.

  3. David

    I am not sure that the weather modification experiments of the 1950 were really so unsophisticated or so unsecret.

    The govt tends not to brag about causing floods demolishing houses and killing people – that stuff gets hushed up then they tell lies about it.

    As for comparing it to Squatting Bear and the rest of the tribe doing a rain dance, well you could argue that a court of law presided over by a transvestite in a wig and dress is a misery and deception ceremony which is almost always able to summon the demon of misery and deception.

    The point is, the weather is not really that bad when left to its own devices.

  4. I am 56 and I remember seeing this featured on Pathe news at the Picture House cinema in Douglas, which must have been over 40 years ago
    Conspiracy theorists believing bollocks like this undermine the case for genuine climate change activism
    Or maybe thats the purpose of bollocks like this ?
    Or maybe I’m creating another conspiracy theory ?

  5. Well if you are unable or unwilling to distinguish between theory and fact then I suggest you go back to flipping mad cow/horse burgers. Stay off blogging sites you might get a heart attack at your age.

    Buy a new computer coz the millenium bug is gonna get ya
    Accept getting your bags searched at the airport coz oil ciada is on the loose
    Watch out for flu, make sure you get your vaccination.
    Pay your taxes because we need austerity to pay the bills.

    These are bollocks conspiracy theories

    Complain to your doctor and get a depression diagnosis, end up on prozac etc
    911 was the new pearl harbour
    get sprayed by crap from the skies
    fluoride in water and toothpaste is healthy

    These are real conspiracies

    listen to the fucking video

    or watch the film toxic skies
    what in the world are they spraying – geo engineering

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