Been there. Done that. For those of us a little longer in the tooth the climate change scares just don’t concern us, because we’ve seen it all before. Scientists in the seventies were also warning about climate change. However, the warnings of rising sea levels and melting ice were absent from the reports because they were confident that we were heading for another ice age.

During the 1970s the media promoted global cooling alarmism with dire threats of a new ice age. Extreme weather events were hyped as signs of the coming apocalypse and man-made pollution was blamed as the cause. Environmental extremists called for everything from outlawing the internal combustion engine to communist style population controls. This media hype was found in newspapers, magazines, books and on television.

If this doesn’t prove the point then check out the story of the 50,000,000 climate refugees predicted for 2010. Not only did they not materialise (Please spare me the usual messages about it depends how you categorise it etc. This statement was designed to scare) but the climate clairvoyants then seemingly tried to cover their tracks by attempting to remove all traces of the forecast from the net:

Consequently, it is difficult to place any confidence in the present scare stories. Nothing new under the sun. When will these guys just give up? Recent reports tell us they are having to resort to ‘gamification’ to get the message over to those of us who have rejected the propaganda.

Isn’t this just trying a little too hard?

Of course the climate constabulary will introduce the thought police if we even try to rationalise the above. Those who do not follow the Climate Change doctrine are known as Climate Deniers and some believe we deserve capital punishment, no less.

Supposing we had all climbed on the Big Freeze Bandwagon or had bowed down to the Acid Rain doctrine or been gullibly taken in  by the grossly and ridiculously wrong predictions of climate refugees?

Be grateful that some aren’t so easily convinced by every scare story and threat. We accept that some believe the predictions and that is their right to do so. However, to impose opposing views on others with threats of capital punishment etc surely proves how desperate these people are. AGW is a theory – like all the others that were presented as truth.



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