In the following video Tim Rogers explains the psychological attacks that our children are exposed to. Backed up by hard evidence, he explains how vulnerable young people can be in the face of certain weird and warped influences.

This is hard to stomach but has to be confronted. There is something very strange and very wrong going on.  Tim Rogere can provide countless letters which demonstrate the level of concern over the situation he describes.

This is not hyped up hysteria about one or two poorly conceived cultural offerings. Tim Rogers has the evidence to back up his claims.

Btw. this material is unpleasant and it is easier to dismiss it and ignore it. However, Rogers makes a good point when he states that those producing these dangerous materials are in the minority. Vigilant observation of media and influences that our children are exposed to is essential. Watch out for the work of the warped minded.

Having read some of the youtube comments it seems advisable to issue a caution with regard to the video if you are easily influenced by images and even trigger words – although these are openly and publicly exhibited.



  1. We have had a suspiciously high suicide rate in the isle of man for a very very long time.

    This is extremely disturbing and is not helped by the lack of reporting of hot potato deaths on island.

    Plant food, legal highs and fucked up films all contribute their bit.

    watch ke$ha die young – dripping with fucked up suggestions.

    Tim Rogers is a friggin hero studying this stuff and exposing these rotten people and their psychological warfare. You cannot fight what you cannot see.

    not a handful of suicides, but 100s and misrepresented as misadventure.
    putting lithium in the water to fuck you in the head
    dont listen to the authorities telling you it is depression or mental illness

    pathways 130,000 elderly people snuffed out each year inside the NHS

    Tim & Brian, We salute you.

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