Who are these people who decide that it is ok to inject mercury into newborn children? What kind of person would think that genetically modified foodstuffs are good for us, when no long term studies exist? (Btw. I proofread some scientific articles on GM in the early nineties and the bottom line at that time was that it was risky as no one could predict the outcome and whether possible scenarios would actually occur). Which idiots consider it ok to spray the planet with chemicals to protect it? (Look, if you’re in denial you have a problem because your continued resistance to simply checking things for yourself and taking action could be causing problems for your children and generations to come). We are being sprayed. It’s a fact which no one has yet managed to deny. Stonewall, yes. Deny, no.

While we ignore the ongoing threats to the wellbeing of our children we fail to protect them. Let’s take the vaccination issue. Mothers are put under pressure to have their children vaccinated. Is mercury a poison? Yes. What would happen if you injected a newborn with mercury? You would, rightly, be prosecuted. But if it’s contained in a vaccine then it suddenly becomes good? I have accompanied a child for pre-school vaccination and I was the one who felt physically sick. The child had to be moved from one side to another to expose a different limb and site for further injections. While the child bravely endured it all I was trying hard to contain my indignation.  The child has absolutely no say in something that can have lifelong negative effects. It seems fair to allow those who wish to participate in vaccination schemes to do so. Don’t worry about those who opt out. They present no danger if your vaccinated child is really protected. Check out Dr Russell Blaylock et al if you can’t accept that vaccines are questionable.

There are endless references to the damage done by GM foods but a UK MP wishes to permit GM in the UK , although presently outlawed by the EU.  Fine. If it’s labelled and we can all avoid it – let him eat GM to his heart’s content.

Spraying the planet with chemicals to protect it. How ridiculous does it get? The public in many countries complain about aerial spraying. Governments stonewall it – they don’t engage in any real dialogue – while species become extinct on a daily basis, bees struggle to exist and children are prone to endless allergies and chronic illness. Yet no one is inclined to investigate or deny what is happening.  Does this make sense to  you? If there is even the mildest chance that your child is being sprayed with unknown chemicals does it seem reasonable to ignore it? Children can see what’s going on – why can’t others?

When did the powers that be stop seeking our consent and decide that they are all-powerful and infallible? Let’s start thinking for ourselves and questioning what is going on.


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