Have you been looking out for the long-awaited presentation before Tynwald of the report of the inquiry into the Pupil Database? Requested documents weren’t supplied punctually (have they been presented yet?) to the Commission of Inquiry into the Pupil Database and the presentation of the report itself  has yet to happen.  Despite the fact that a Manx Radio report stated that it would be laid before Tynwald in February, it still hasn’t materialised.

It would surely be enlightening to discover why the department had decided to go ahead with expensive surveillance of families despite having told the electorate that it wasn’t going to happen.

Was the Office of Data Protection aware of this database and does the database comply with data protection requirements?

Above all why could the department not produce documents requested by the committee?:

The Social Affairs Policy Review Committee report into a centralised database for school children on the Island says the department still hasn’t handed over requested documents – eight months after they were first asked for.

It seems likely that Mr Dobson CEO would be able to help with families’ concerns about these matters. What a pity he has decided to retire. However, the 61 year old won’t be putting his feet up until August so if the report makes it to Tynwald before then he may still be able to put us in the picture about things.



  1. Some very telling questions raised here.

    I do wonder why the department is unable to answer such a fundamental question.

    Even more worrying is the lack of a media shitstorm, why oh why are the papers, manxforums and the radio station giving preference to the buses?

    This is good journalism, no danger of Richard Butt giving you a column or you will show the rest of them.

  2. The news item has been successfully hidden amongst other stories and is fast disappearing from view. Buses are a conveniently safe distraction – but of no real consequence in the scheme of things, Am relieved to hear that I don’t fit the mold 🙂

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