If Kate Beecroft irritated Eddie Teare with her recent Keys questions with regard to the film industry I predict she is really going to rock the boat with her questions tabled for Tuesday’s Keys sitting.  Amongst questions directed at the Treasury Minister is the following little gem:

How many settlement payments were made which contained a gagging clause in each of the last five years broken down by Department and the total amount paid by each Department?

I haven’t a clue what this refers to but gagging orders do not sound like straightforward practice to me.

Whether the formation and opening of a community bank would be permitted under current regulations?

What a pity this blog doesn’t have ‘like’ buttons because I’m sure the above would really raise some appreciation. Go Kate. How about community currency too?

Whether the Financial Supervision Commission is watching particularly closely the destination of funds placed by (1) Royal Bank of Scotland International, Douglas Branch; (2) Natwest, Isle of Man Branch and (3) the Isle of Man Bank?

Please do comment if you can throw any light on these matters 🙂

And just to make sure that the Minister for Health does not feel left out she has the following query tabled for him:

What plans he has to introduce legislation to make the manipulation of waiting times or death rates a criminal offence?

Mr Quayle asks the Minister for Economic Development:

Whether his Department has complied with Isle of Man Government financial regulations and procurement processes for the contract given for

Having found the local media’s reporting of Keys questions a little unbalanced I thought I would provide information about the more interesting questions tabled for Tuesday – just in case they were deemed unnewsworthy by the local media.

What stands out about most of these questions? It appears that MHKs are questioning transparency and even government ethics. Gagging, manipulation, compliance queries. Do you think our members know things we don’t?


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