I once lived close to an american airbase. An acquaintance sometimes brought me US foodstuffs in return for some minor assistance I was able to provide. The initial reaction of delight at obtaining well-known brands, I was otherwise unable to obtain, quickly turned to disdain. The ingredient list read more like a list of chemicals than nutritional items. One thing was clear to me: Not fit for human consumption. (IMO)

Nowadays, I avoid all foodstuffs imported from the US. Not only do they appear to contain too many artificial ingredients, the ‘natural’ items are very likely genetically modified, as the US continues to resist the idea of leabelling GM food and with so many American farmers being Monsanto customers how can we be sure that these items are GM-free? Even health store products from across the Atlantic cannot be guaranteed GM free, unless the producers obtain the ingredients from bona fide organic producers.

Knowing how the US likes to impose sanctions on the latest ‘enemy’, food sanctions appear more than fair to me. Voting with our feet seems the most expressive form of rejection. How superb that Hungary has told Monsanto where to put their frankenfoods:

Let GM proponents eat as much GM as they wish. In fact those responsible for trying to introduce them in the UK should be treated to huge amounts of GM food. Gorge yourselves if you think it is so good!


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