Someone reminded me of Yuri Bezmenov yesterday. As ex-KGB he was well acquanted with the tactics used to gain control of countries. This post was originally published in 2011 but seems more relevant than ever. Which stage have we reached?

free as thy sweet mountain air

If the media does not supply us with an objective view of world matters, if we are fed one-sided, biased information and we do not seek other views then it seems reasonable to conclude that this could change our perception of reality. Therefore the sole consumption of British mainstream news is not helpful in our search for reality.

The Murdoch scandal is now being milked by mainstream (the focus on every single sleazy detail as it is released  is unfortunately diverting attention from other important stories). However, it certainly gives us an insight into how much power and influence media moguls wield. We may ponder why top leaders are so keen to maintain friendships with those involved in the gutter press. There are obvious attempts by leaders to woo and win over the press but we shouldn’t be too taken in by this. The fact is that mainstream withholds facts and…

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