Following his disturbing video (now restored after being removed from the web):

Dane Wiggington, ecologist, explains in a radio interview just how crazy climate criminals are trying to play God with the weather – but things have gone badly wrong. He goes on to explain that how these guys are so busy trying to create weather events in one place that they forget the side-effects suffered in other areas. That is what I have suspected for some time. Record snow creation is a part of this mania by the way.

These guys have made such a cockup of things that they are hellbent on trying to prevent complete disaster. Their answer? More spraying. more aluminum, more madness. Please take the time to listen to this interview.
Dane Wiggington exposes how he receives calls from those in the field who have realised what is going on and they don’t want any part of it. However, they are warned about going public on geonengineering.

Fluoride is also a component of the toxins being sprayed, it seems. Please speak up for the sake of our children.


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