The Department of Education and Children introduced a pupil database ‘under the radar’. This was at a cost of hundreds of thousands of pounds and despite the fact that the public had very clearly rejected a centralised pupil database. The Office of Data Protection  was not aware that the database was in operation and therefore has no input. The above has already been stated in detail on the blog:

and has now been openly confirmed by Brenda Cannell in a radio interview.  She points out that the recommendations of the appointed committee which looked into the situation were, it seems, dismissed out of hand by Tynwald, which saw no reason to change the situation.

Of course the Department of Education and Children tries to say that this was a time-saving measure. No longer is it necessary to have an officer manually deal with basic details of pupils, absenteeism stats etc. No reference is made to the fact that this was at huge expense to the taxpayer and that the department was actually looking to delve more deeply into schooling issues than had previously been the case:

Various additional issues not previously covered included the plan to compare the academic achievements of children from different backgrounds such as:  looked after children, children with disabilities, low level SEN [Special Educational Needs], youngest children in cohort, achievement of pupils wiith entitlement to free school meals etc.

This is highly sensitive information yet the Office of Data Protection has no input. Tynwald thinks it is just fine to do this – and at the same time ignore all the work put in by the committeee. It seems there is no legislation in place for this procedure and Brenda Cannell tells us that parents could and can refuse to have information about  children entered on the database. If a sufficient number of parents do this the database will become obsolete until the situation is addressed.

Many feel that government runs roughshod over us. This is an opportunity to show we do have clout by refusing to permit this Orwellian-like snooping. Why should we comply? Non-compliance is a simple and effective tool.






Want to know about HAARP , VLF, VHF and weather modification? Want to prove it to a non-believer? Here you go!

Those who wilfully cause damage to the environment and even kill people through weather modification are criminals – nothing less.

Pictured below:  HAARP in Gakona, Alaska (website turned off during current government experimentation schedule)


All links below should satisfy MOST questions —  save the pdf’s before they’re gone for good !


Weather control being planned for several years (decades):

jfk weather controla


Move forward 35 years …quote Secretary of Defense William Cohen :



DARPA allocates funds for the use of HAARP

Here are actual budgets allocated by the Department of Defense / .pdf from — 2012 and 2013:

haarp 1

download the .pdf from my site here:

FY2013 Budget Estimates

2013-2014 budget :

download the .pdf from my site here:



Airforce “Owning the Weather in 2025 : Weather as a force multiplier” document

download the .pdf directly from my site here :


weather 2025

Executive Summary
In 2025, US aerospace forces can “own the weather” by capitalizing on emerging technologies and focusing development…

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1Will this help people wake up? A Saudi Arabian made a patent application in Germany for a killer microchip intended to be implanted under the skin. His reason for this invention? The tracking device would be useful in the case of those who outstay visas. The killer switch could be employed in the case of ‘terrorists’ etc.

Yes, you read that right. It is not only possible to killer microchip humans, but patents on this technology are being sought.

Remember how they patented geoengineering a couple of decades ago? Of course it’s not in use, they tell us. Just some innocent little nanoparticles being sprayed around? That’s how it starts. Take out a patent and then covertly start cashing in.

We need to know what is being sprayed. And we need to get the word out about the killer microchips. The German patenting authority rejected the application on the ground that patents could not be issued for inventions which contravened ‘good manners’ or public order. Where will the next patent application be made?

Please share this information.


Remember the ‘Cold War’? The Iron Curtain? Maybe you don’t. Perhaps you have to be nearing your sell-by date to have experienced that era. How convenient for those who wish to mimic the communist system. For readers who do recall those times I will provide a quick flashback: We were told how communist countries were hiding behind the Iron Curtain. The people there were not free. There was no free media and propaganda ensured that they had little idea about what was happening elsewhere. Worse still – they were warmongers. Anyone showing an interest in Russia and its satellite countries were immediately laballed as ‘reds’ and to be disregarded. Furthermore, we were told that the West was engaged in freedom-fighting. We had fought off the Nazis, at great cost, because we ‘the goodies’ support liberty and freedom of speech. How sad then to see how the ‘freedom’ achieved and paid for with many, many lives is simply being thrown away. No – given away.

The US has introduced new laws enabling them to tap into just about anything;
Western mainstream news programmes are seemingly just as selective about news stories as any USSR media were.
Propaganda is rife i.e. one-sided reporting of the Israel/Palestinian issue and free speech is endangered. It could just be coincidence of course but shortly after the blogposts about Boston and my comment about the involvement of military personnel in apparent scaremongering I find that my Facebook account requires me to prove I am not a robot! OK I type in the letters and I’m back in Facebook, only to discover that the blogs links I post now lead to a page where it is suggested that the blog is spam!

Whatever your opinion of my blog I’m sure you’ll agree that it is not spam. I make no money from this blog, Facebook, so what would be the point of spamming? The adverts are from WordPress. Regular readers know that the blog contains genuine comment on issues often not covered by mainstream. It is text-rich and liked on Google for that reason. It is genuine! So what possible reason could Facebook have for suspecting that this is spam – after the comments about the American military personnel (I’m sure it’s a coincidence. They wouldn’t have certain trigger words set up, would they?).

Facebook does itself no favours by doing this because I will continue to raise awareness of attempted censorship until the issue is resolved. Frankly, there is nothing but nothing about my blog that could be considered to be spam therefore I take this to be an infringement of free speech.




Beware of the industrial-military complex, warned Eisenhower. Could it be that the military part of things has become more active? Yesterday I came across a site where numerous ex-military personnel were warning about the possibility of the introduction of a police state in the US. A few days ago I re-blogged (with a comment) a youtube video from a retired lieutenant colonel on the same topic. Glen Beck popped up somewhere to issue an ultmatum. The pressure was mounting. And what’s happened? Nothing as far as I can see, but not for lack of trying, maybe?

My belief is that the military personnel are a part of the set-up. Suddenly blessed with insight they have to impart their knowledge of what is happening, and stir up some fear at the same time. The lieutenant colonel told us that the police would not protect citizens. Could it be that this was intended to spur gun-toting patriots into action, therby ‘legitimising’ martial law?

In amongst the real news there is an awful lot of disinfo and manipulation and some will, unfortunately, buy into it. My guess is that the intention was, and is, to stir up fear and knee-jerk reactions. Anyone who seems to be suggesting that violence is the answer is immediately suspect in my eyes.

We the voters have nothing to say. That goes for the Isle of Man or the US or China. You don’t agree? You have a vote you say? And what is the result of that? Are politicans acting on our behalf? There is pretence of consulting us, Roamin CoMin being an example. However, what has Roamin CoMin actually achieved for the voter? Have things really been hammered out or is this just an exercise in pretending to listen to us? To keep us quiet?

Does anyone really believe that it is the action of a true democracy to award a bail-out without discussion? There were other options that did not receive a hearing. Which further causes will be deemed needy by a handful of politicians behind closed doors? How many of us are convinced that this was the right course of action? And what can we do about it? Complain to our MHKs? How far will that get us? Who really controls things here and further afield?

Is it likely that the people of the Isle of Man would stage a revolt? An armed revolt seems unlikely, thank goodness. However, this does not mean that we have no weapons. Stop complying. The answer is simple, free and effective. Areas such as taxes and charges, currency etc come to mind. The alternative is accepting our serfdom. We earn the money to pay the taxes but have little say in the island’s financial affairs.


Wouldn’t you like to save the planet and prevent the daily extinction of numerous species? How does helping to prevent some cases of dementia appeal to you?

Twenty per cent global dimming, achieved largely by geoengineering programme – this is the figure quoted by ecologist Dane Wiggington. In a further interview he explains just how drastically and devastatingly this programme is affecting species and nature in general.

Where is the sense here? We heavily spray deadly chemicals over the earth  – to save it? And -hang on – we are using aircraft to do this! I thought aircraft were a part of the ‘global warming’ issue.

If you care for the planet then please listen to the interview and start watching the sky. Then make your feelings known to DEFA and those who claim to be helping to protect our environment. This could automatically impact on dementia incidence since aluminium is a contributing factor and guess what appears to be contained in the chemical cocktail spray?


What is going on? Quite a lot it seems.

A US correspondent tells me that the latest developments there are of great concern. The evidence pointing to Boston being a false flag event is becoming difficult to deny and there certainly does appear to be a rift of some sort going on there. Even some mainstream sources are casting doubt on things, which is quite unusual. The feeling amongst observers is that this is major. It will either reinstate traditional values or things could peak in the direction of totalitarianism. (Don’t expect to get the low-down on this from the BBC).

And on the Isle of Man front do we have our own particular version of ‘too big to fail’? The Sefton Group could not be allowed to sink, it seems. Did they really celebrate with champagne when the deal was done? Did the players involved have any influence on the decision? Does Miles Walker, our very first CM, still command respect within government? For the man in the street it is difficult to understand why this company should be singled out for preferential treatnent while government cuts are affecting many of those who might not have been given the best cards in life.

For cases such as the Sefton, Films etc the money can be pulled out of the bag when desired, it seems. You would think such massive expenditure would demand more public debate. No. We are serfs, remember? Let’s hope government does not discover further needy causes to contribute to.

Can either side of the Atlantic demonstrate true and lasting democracy? What is democracy anyway? Supposedly, democracy is about the few being ruled by the many – it’s what it comes down to. I can’t help thinking that we have the many being ruled by the few.


My only question is whether this guy is for real. While he’s telling us how there are elements in the American government which seek martial law and totalitarianism we don’t actually know where he really stands. The military would normally play a big part of a coup. And what disturbs me just a tad is that it is also fear-mongering. Do not have faith in the police, he says, they will not protect you. Now how do you suppose gun-bearing Americans might react to that? And once you’ve stoked things up then martial law could appear quite a reasonable move.

I hope he’s genuine but the jury’s out as far as I’m concerned.