Geoengineering is an international issue raising alarm amongst the concerned and conscious all over the globe who are demanding an end to the criminal activities of those who spray us. Ever felt like a gnat? We all know the Isle of Man Government obediently toes the international line but just for once, at least, government could show some backbone and start questioning what is happening and whether it is in the interests of island residents.

In Europe concern about the effects of sky spraying aka chemtrails has reached such a level that a conference is being held in the European Parliament on the 8th and 9th of April. Attendees will explore the theory of climate change and consider public opposition to geoengineering in relation to a resolution made by the Committee for Foreign Affairs, Social and Defence Policiy of the European Pariament in 1998. The conference has been arranged by Skyguards, an international organisation with the support of various others including Green party members as well as European liberals etc.

A rough translation of the press release reveals that:

Although a motion was filed in 1998 to ensure thorough investigation of ongoing experiments in the atmosphere with a view to safeguarding human health and the environment, as well as the obvious need to include a provision enabling an insight into the intended purposes and the scale of the experiments going on over our heads these issues have been ignored.

There has been no transparency despite the fact that it is now apparent that the earth’s atmosphere has become a place of experimentation, endangering public health as a result of aerosol spraying, of which we have no information regarding the composition of the spray nor the purpose of this activity. Highly complicated military research is being carried out involving a new weapons system directed at the Ionosphere and the upper layers of the atmosphere(think HAARP) without consideration of basic minimum  elementary  precautionary measures.

The press release goes on to state that:

There is evidence of intentional non-disclosure by other parties who deny everything to those seeking information. The conference organizers request that the resolution not only be implemented, but be updated, in the light of recent developments.

The Parliamentary Commission for Extraordinary Affairs has the necessary powers to look into this and an investigation is requested as a matter of urgency, this should include open public debate and a consultation which embraces civilians to enable evidence and witness statements to be presented.

The organisers go on to say:

We will do everything in our power to draw the attention of the European public to the infringements of basic rights, in view of the risks for the environment and public health and given the complicity of silence with which accomplices hide the even more serious legal and criminal issues from scrutiny.

Silence is no longer acceptable.


We wish Skyguards and supporters every success. Bringing an end to chemtrails will not be easy – think of the profits involved in this venture, quite apart from any other issue. However, we have not given unknown parties permission to spray us and this practice should cease immediately. Will keep you posted.


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