Chemtrails are real and they are being used over the Isle of Man. Do you know what is being sprayed on you, your children and our crops, livestock, wildlife etc.? Did you give permission to be sprayed? Was the Isle of Man Government consulted about it? Have they looked into the complaints they receive from members of the public? It seems the response is that they have no evidence of this. If you don’t investigate things then you will find no evidence! There is no ongoing research by the Isle of Man Government into the reports of chemtrails.

As stated in the last article a conference is to take place in the European Parliament to discuss the effects of ONGOING geoengineering on public health. The press release also mentions military ionspheric experiments. Recap: ionospheric heating can cause the jet stream to shift which has direct and disastrous effects for some. Ask the met office.

We now learn that not only is geoengineering ongoing, without our consent, it has also been the cause of disastrous droughts:

As people are slowly waking up to the facts of global geoengineering and start questioning the practice, which has been going on for decades under the radar of  the public and without debates in national parliaments or the UN, this awakening leads to the need to legalize this practice. This is exactly what these scientists and experts are now calling for. It is however interesting that they admit that through geoengineering catastrophic events already took place:

The dangers arose in projects that cooled the planet unevenly. In some cases these caused devastating droughts across Africa; in others they increased rainfall in the region but left huge areas of Brazil parched.


As previously reported in this blog fatal floods in the West Coutnry in the 1950s occurred directly after RAF weather experiments.


Had permission been sought from those who might be affected to carry out these experiments? Of course not! Believe me, you can’t believe the PTB. In the press release concerning the coming EU Parliament conference reference is made to those who are complicit in these crimes. Things are covered up by denial from government departments – although references may be made to ‘conspiracy theories’. So you are being sprayed and scorned for having queried the fact that you are being sprayed!

It has become so evident to those of us who observe the skies that the PTB can no longer deny things. So what do they do then? They attempt to bring it into the open and are now belatedly requesting permission to do something that has been going on for decades. Something which Dane Wiggington tells us is completely out of control. It can no longer be hidden or denied.


This is big business btw., something which receives little attention in chemtrail reports. It will not be easy to put an end to a lucrative scam. Cause the weather chaos and then request permission to put it right using precisely the same methods employed? This requires huge amounts of aerosol spray and we can be sure that this has its price.

You are being sprayed and no one is investigating it. Instead we are told that we are imagining things. There is more than sufficient evidence to show that aerial spraying is real. However, permission to spray us is being requested. Our answer has to be, ‘No, you have caused enough damage already. ‘


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