No doubt then that people throughout the world are aware that we are being sprayed. (Please see previous blogpost). From now on I will refer to this as a fact because we know what we are seeing. As George Perdikis rightly states, it is for the PTB to prove us wrong. Geoengineering? Again Mr Perdikis suspects another agenda – and he is not the only one to state this. Just who would think this makes sense? To ‘protect’ the planet they are spraying us with toxins which have a disastrous effect on wildlife and humans. Ingenious. Sounds like a brainchild of a nutty professor.

However, it seems that the US has obtained permission from its citizens to allow the US to spray everything and everyone with just about anything – ranging from mould to viruses. Pretty dumb to allow that you think? Well, it seems that if no one files a complaint then that is taken as acquiescence.Assumed consent. You would have to know about it first though, wouldn’t you?

So let’s put this together:

  • There is a huge amount of photographic and anecdotal evidence of aerial spraying
  • People from many countries are observing chemtrails and know it is happening
  • Chemtrail flights were seen in Cyprus when no other aircraft were able to fly
  • Some politicians have asked questions in parliaments
  • The US took out patents on this technology in the 90s
  • Stanford University has a model for combating ‘climate change’ which includes aerial spraying
  • The US has even ensured that government has permission to spray people, animals and plants
  • There is further evidence of weather manipulation in antarctic (video below)
  • Yet every government says they have no evidence of chemtrails!

THAT IS BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT SEEKING EVIDENCE! And the environmentalists? Where are you all when we need a rant about wilful pollution and the extinction of plants and animals? I’m sure most of the population wishes to protect the environment. Personally, I’m allergic to sermons from those who refuse to look at the truth.


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