Go back to sleep. Nothing to see here. Chemtrails? Conspiracy theories. Don’t be absurd. They are persistent contrails. Contrails form under certain weather conditions when aircraft fly overhead. This is the message from governments when we enquire about the fact that we are being sprayed. We have no proof of this, they add, while not admitting that they are not looking into this issue and seemingly have no intention of doing so. They obviously had not reckoned with German thoroughness!

The following videos, with English voiceover (not the easiest listening but well worth making the effort) demonstrate that ‘persistent contrails’ were visible in highly unlikely weather conditions. The second short video clearly shows ‘ripple’ clouds over Spain, Italy and Greece. With further computer data and graphics of weather conditions it is shown that despite the fact that no opposing windstreams occurred on that day (supposed pre-requisite for ripple clouds) these clouds remained in place while other clouds drifted past. I challenge anyone to see these as a natural phenomenum.

So what did the fimmakers do with all this superb research which clearly shows that chemtrails are appearing and lingering where no contrail would? They have sent the details to all main political parties, including the Greens, Greenpeace and the WWF Germany. Not to mention the air force, air and space research organisations etc etc. and not forgetting Frau Merkel of course. Certified delivery! They have requested a response.

Now one or two recipients might choose to ignore it or avoid the question but with so many recipients this cannot be ignored. Nice one!


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