If you watched the harrowing scenes from the kidnap video

you may be wondering why this heartbreaking childsnatching was taking place. Why was a day-old baby being removed from loving parents? Because. Because the state decided that the mother was not capable of rearing the child. This decision was taken in a secret court. There was no suggestion of the parents being any danger to the child.  It seems that this was not an issue.

Reports of child-stealing by the state are ever-increasing and although the victims were previously single or vulnerable mothers we are now seeing professionals suffering the same attacks on their parenthood. Even social workers have been on the receiving end of things.

A recent article in the Telegraph clearly demonstrates how far things have gone. An anonymous letter resulted in an innocent couple becoming the target of over-zealous social workers and developing into a nightmare situation where social services contacted the school and the family doctor without family knowledge. The family took the council to court.

Judge Anthony Thornton’s judicial review drew the “inescapable conclusion” that the authority had illegally escalated its inquiry to the highest possible level purely because the mother had the temerity to complain

Other quotes from the article:

A state in which this can happen is a state out of control

CD, an active trade unionist when younger, says: “I studied Sovietology for years, the single party, the single state, and it’s the way to understand Haringey. You’re the enemy if you dare challenge. Our case shows how any evidence can be made to seem deviant. A state in which this can happen is a state out of control. Everyone makes mistakes but Haringey’s programming is: ‘We make sure that no one finds out.’

The video below contains further information about the kidnap of the one day old baby. The Telegraph article and the following video surely spells out the concerns many of us have about the present situation within the British Isles. Extremist systems have never been proudly announced prior to their realisation. They are always introduced step by step.

The next Tynwald sitting includes the presentation of the Committee of Enquiry’s report into the unlawful Pupil Database. A surveillance system set up without the knowledge of the public. Please be aware.


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