Just how much does it take until people actually say ‘enough’? Today’s views of international news show that restrictions, intrusions, interference and surveillance of our daily lives is ever-increasing. Throughout the world there is a growing awareness of the relentless removal of personal freedom.

Bloggers and citizen journalists continue to increase the focus on the cavalier behaviour of the callous elite. Many of us invest time and money in resistance of the controlling elite. Yet we also scratch our heads in wonder at the lack of action from some who are awake but seemingly feeling powerless. There can be no doubt where this present situation is leading. Those already in dire straits have no choice but to pay the increasing prices and charges which are being levied while incomes shrink. Benefit recipients are being tarred with one brush and the media seem content to ignore the plight of many who are dependent on welfare as a result of redundancy, illness or bereavement. This is only the beginning.

I am not alone in my belief that the attacks on the vulnerable members of society are constructed (how many bankers, corrupt MPs etc have been taken to court?). Those on low incomes are being pushed to their limits. When income slides below subsistence level the result is frequently uprising and revolution. With a reduction in the law enforcement budget and an increase in surveillance and the introduction of radical police tactics It is not difficult to see where this might lead. Waiting till backs are against the wall is not advisable.

It is understandable that some are reluctant to take action if they feel they are vulnerable to repercussions. However, hiding heads in the sand will result only in further measures being introduced. We have the power. We can be active by writing letters to MHKs and the press, posting on Facebook and Twitter and making our views known, as well as informing others of the issues that concern us. This is hardly insurrection. Now is the time to do this. History shows us that ignoring governments that seek to control the masses without providing transparency leads to one thing only. We still have the chance to make your views known.

Exaggeration? Scaremongering? The next blogpost may well dispell those doubts.



  1. How should non-compliance with the elite be done?
    Protesting and petitions are useless, as are demonstrations.
    Witholding of the BBC licence fee seems a good bet now they are exposed as the paedo ring they are.
    How about other stuff?

    • I guess it comes down to numbers. But then how did a small minority of people in Ramsey manage to successfully oppose the marina? Oh yeh – I forgot – with the use of threats directed at I’ve been told. I’m sure there are other ways. Withholding extortionate and unlawful demands is probably effective.

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