We are being sprayed. The composition of the spray varies but our rights to demand an end to it are clear.

Aerial spraying is currently being used for insect control, cloud seeding, and is incorporated into many research projects. The facts used to dictate the necessity and efficacy of aerial spraying and atmostpheric manipulation are seriously flawed.The human rights violations and the environmental impacts of these programs are insurmountable.

This very informative document goes on to say that the U.S. has been cloud seeding for decades resulting in illness and death in the animal kingdom. Deer and elk are developing Chronic Wasting Disease and the Center for Disease Control is realizing that it has the ability to spread to humans and they list it as a new emerging infectious disease (Ermias D. Belay, 2004). Furthermore, aerial spraying has killed hundreds of birds. Yet no one is held to account.

The military even conducts routine experiments where they spray a substance called chaff by aircraft. One mixture of chaff is “metal coated fiberglass”. Does that sound like something you would wish to inhale?

So aerial spraying kills animals and birds and causes health problems for the human population. And why are they doing this? To protect the planet! However, the very aircraft being used to ‘protect the planet are actually causing serious warming effects:

In a recent study published in Nature Climate Change, Dr. Ulrike Burkhardt and Dr. Bernd Karcher from the Institute for Atmospheric Physics at the German Aerospace Centre show that the contrails created by airplanes are contributing more to global warming that all the CO2 that has been caused by the entire 108 years of airplane flight.

Read more at:

How can they get away with this?

Information is Classified. When the military or other unelected bureaucrats decide to dump toxins into our atmosphere, it is usually not publicly announced. The military hides their actions under the cloak of national security when in fact their very actions violate international treaties and create a very real threat to our national security.

Legalities: Aerial spraying violates many national and international laws. There are experts who have dedicated their careers to the understanding of the laws and violations surrounding aerial spraying. A few areas where violations are occurring from aerial spraying are:

    • Health Safety Laws
    • Environmental Degradation Laws
    • Human Rights
    • Private Property Rights

So it kills animals and birds and causes CO2 (Has anyone calculated the amount of warming caused by the production and transport of the chemicals?). And also contravenes our human rights. No wonder they are in denial!


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