Greenpeace members have discovered rusting atomic waste containers on the sea bed in the Channel, close to Alderney. These date back to to the 1960s, according to an article in the Berliner Zeitung. We are told that Greenpeace have also measured radioactivity on the sea bed, on beaches and in fish around La Hague and Sellafield, where kilometres of pipes have been laid to pump the atomic waste into the sea. Greenpeace sees a connection between the radioactivity and the high rate of cancer experienced by those living near the coasts.

Don’t you think it is just a tad strange that we have hysterical headlines about measles (a childhood illness that other generations took in their stride) outbreaks yet no one is very interested in investigating the claimed correlation relating to coastal radioactivity and cancer rates?

And you think these caring powers that be would hesitate to spray you?

Next up: Whistleblower.


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