What is going on? Quite a lot it seems.

A US correspondent tells me that the latest developments there are of great concern. The evidence pointing to Boston being a false flag event is becoming difficult to deny and there certainly does appear to be a rift of some sort going on there. Even some mainstream sources are casting doubt on things, which is quite unusual. The feeling amongst observers is that this is major. It will either reinstate traditional values or things could peak in the direction of totalitarianism. (Don’t expect to get the low-down on this from the BBC).

And on the Isle of Man front do we have our own particular version of ‘too big to fail’? The Sefton Group could not be allowed to sink, it seems. Did they really celebrate with champagne when the deal was done? Did the players involved have any influence on the decision? Does Miles Walker, our very first CM, still command respect within government? For the man in the street it is difficult to understand why this company should be singled out for preferential treatnent while government cuts are affecting many of those who might not have been given the best cards in life.

For cases such as the Sefton, Films etc the money can be pulled out of the bag when desired, it seems. You would think such massive expenditure would demand more public debate. No. We are serfs, remember? Let’s hope government does not discover further needy causes to contribute to.

Can either side of the Atlantic demonstrate true and lasting democracy? What is democracy anyway? Supposedly, democracy is about the few being ruled by the many – it’s what it comes down to. I can’t help thinking that we have the many being ruled by the few.



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