Wouldn’t you like to save the planet and prevent the daily extinction of numerous species? How does helping to prevent some cases of dementia appeal to you?

Twenty per cent global dimming, achieved largely by geoengineering programme – this is the figure quoted by ecologist Dane Wiggington. In a further interview he explains just how drastically and devastatingly this programme is affecting species and nature in general.

Where is the sense here? We heavily spray deadly chemicals over the earth  – to save it? And -hang on – we are using aircraft to do this! I thought aircraft were a part of the ‘global warming’ issue.

If you care for the planet then please listen to the interview and start watching the sky. Then make your feelings known to DEFA and those who claim to be helping to protect our environment. This could automatically impact on dementia incidence since aluminium is a contributing factor and guess what appears to be contained in the chemical cocktail spray?


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