Beware of the industrial-military complex, warned Eisenhower. Could it be that the military part of things has become more active? Yesterday I came across a site where numerous ex-military personnel were warning about the possibility of the introduction of a police state in the US. A few days ago I re-blogged (with a comment) a youtube video from a retired lieutenant colonel on the same topic. Glen Beck popped up somewhere to issue an ultmatum. The pressure was mounting. And what’s happened? Nothing as far as I can see, but not for lack of trying, maybe?

My belief is that the military personnel are a part of the set-up. Suddenly blessed with insight they have to impart their knowledge of what is happening, and stir up some fear at the same time. The lieutenant colonel told us that the police would not protect citizens. Could it be that this was intended to spur gun-toting patriots into action, therby ‘legitimising’ martial law?

In amongst the real news there is an awful lot of disinfo and manipulation and some will, unfortunately, buy into it. My guess is that the intention was, and is, to stir up fear and knee-jerk reactions. Anyone who seems to be suggesting that violence is the answer is immediately suspect in my eyes.

We the voters have nothing to say. That goes for the Isle of Man or the US or China. You don’t agree? You have a vote you say? And what is the result of that? Are politicans acting on our behalf? There is pretence of consulting us, Roamin CoMin being an example. However, what has Roamin CoMin actually achieved for the voter? Have things really been hammered out or is this just an exercise in pretending to listen to us? To keep us quiet?

Does anyone really believe that it is the action of a true democracy to award a bail-out without discussion? There were other options that did not receive a hearing. Which further causes will be deemed needy by a handful of politicians behind closed doors? How many of us are convinced that this was the right course of action? And what can we do about it? Complain to our MHKs? How far will that get us? Who really controls things here and further afield?

Is it likely that the people of the Isle of Man would stage a revolt? An armed revolt seems unlikely, thank goodness. However, this does not mean that we have no weapons. Stop complying. The answer is simple, free and effective. Areas such as taxes and charges, currency etc come to mind. The alternative is accepting our serfdom. We earn the money to pay the taxes but have little say in the island’s financial affairs.


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